Jan 1, 2017


Emlakjet is a real estate platform that allows users to search for and list properties. The company recognized that their mobile application and website were in need of an upgrade in order to provide a better user experience and attract more users.


  • The mobile application had a dated design and was difficult to navigate

  • The website's search and filtering functions were not user-friendly

  • The map search experience on the website was not intuitive


The product team, which you were a part of, set out to improve the design and functionality of both the mobile application and website. They focused on the following areas:

  • Mobile Application Design: The team updated the design of the mobile application to make it more modern and visually appealing. They also made navigation more intuitive by reorganizing the layout of the menus and buttons.

  • Mobile Website Renewal: The team also updated the design of the mobile website to align it with the new look and feel of the mobile application. They also made the website more responsive, ensuring it would look and function well on different screen sizes.

  • Website Listing, Filtering and Map Search Experience: The team improved the search and filtering functions of the website, making it easier for users to find properties that match their criteria. They also enhanced the map search experience by adding more layers of information and making it more interactive.


The improvements made by the team had a positive impact on the user experience of Emlakjet's mobile platform. They received positive feedback from users about the updated design and improved functionality. Additionally, the team observed an increase in the number of users and engagement on the platform after the changes were implemented.


By updating the design and functionality of Emlakjet's mobile platform, the product team was able to improve the user experience and attract more users to the platform. This case study illustrates the importance of continuously improving and updating digital products to meet the changing needs of users.